What Kids Say

What Kids Say About Straight Ahead Colorado

“Thanks for bringing camp to us and showing support for us and seeing us for who we really are.”

“You guys rock.”

“You have made me think in different ways.”

“I wish I could replay the camp days over and over. Thanks for caring about our future.”

“Thank you for helping me get closer to God and for making me want Him more.”

“You guys made me think of what I did and how I can fix it.”
“Thank you for taking time in your life to come to help us have some happiness and show us that even though we hurt the community you guys still feel that we deserve to have someone show us that mistakes happen and that we too deserve to have some of the things we gave up with our actions. God bless you all.”

“Thank you for spending two whole days with us to show us that people do care about us, even after the mistakes we have made.”

  • “Thanks for the best day ever in jail. In my two years locked up I’ve never been to anything like this. I thought about what you said about God. I prayed every night that I would get just 0-9 months. And I did! All because answered prayer. But the big thing is that without you, I never would have prayed. Thank you! You have changed my life.”