Want to make a difference in the life of a teen?

Consider mentoring! Straight Ahead seeks adult volunteers willing to meet with an incarcerated teen who wants to make a change in their life. We will show you how to become involved, provide training and on-going support. We have youth waiting right now for you! Mentors meet with their match for an hour or two each week, if possible. This time is spent getting to know each other, and getting to know the needs of the youth. They will work on goal setting and planning for their release. In most cases, the mentor is the only friend the youth can depend on.

After their release, the youth continues to meet with his/her mentor. This time may be spent helping the youth with his specific needs. It may be recreational time (playing basketball, attending a sporting event,) spiritual time (reading the Bible or attending church together), community service, or it may be just getting together and talking. Mentors will help released youth in obtaining a state ID, and help them attain the goals they set together.

What some mentors are saying about their involvement:
(the names* have been changed, but the story is true.)

Before I met with Matt* today, his group leader met me at the front gate and told me that Matt has been very good lately, and would be up in front of a board that day to try to get a promotion to the next level. I found this very exciting!…. I called the group leader the next day and found out that Matt was successfully promoted to that next level. Praise God! The group leader says that Matt is acting “mature.” This is all very good news.

I brought Matt an inspiring book about dreams coming true. I hope God will use it to give Matt a vision.


Straight Ahead Colorado Youth Mentor